MedaRose is an application born from a necessity

    Through unique methods, the world’s top experts in the field of infertility, pregnancy, childbirth and pediatric diseases, have created MedaRose. It is the first and only application of its kind to help you conveniently make the right decisions. The most skilled specialists at our medical commission provide the analysis and considerations at our medical commissions ensuring that you receive a proper diagnosis.


    A unique view

    MedaRose incorporates the most effective ways to solve problems. By using a unique combination of algorithms and consultation, MedaRose provides the best, fastest and most accurate response to your question. The MedaRose Medical Commission algorithm allows specialists from all over the world to concurrently discuss a condition or illness. Experts are able to view, review, and even criticize fellow comments on a particular issue allowing for a reliable conclusion for each case.

    Features and benefits of MedaRose

    simultaneously access multiple medical professionals around the world (7x24)

    Take advantage of expert diagnosis and feedback

    Share medical records in specialized medical commissions

    Receive definitive answers from medical commissions for illnesses that have not been diagnosed yet

    the ability to watch, review, and contribute to doctor’s discussions

    Cost-effective and economical payment

    Save the medical record for future reference

    Lack of geographical boundaries

    High security in maintaining confidential patient information

    From the moment you decide to conceive, we will be with you through the pregnancy, delivery and early years of your child.

    Feel free to follow the three steps below

    1. Sign up for the MedaRose app
    2. Ask questions for related medical commissions
    3. Pay a small fee
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